Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tales of rejection

No one wants to be rejected when it comes to love.
It's painful, humiliating and can hurt your self-esteem.
But it's a cruel world, and most of us will face rejection before it's all said and done. The important point is not whether or not you get rejected, it's how you respond.
Will you bounce back and flourish? Or will you flounder and fall to pieces?

These are the tales of my friends (as told by them)... Don’t laugh. This is the true face of love…..for them….Names are being kept anonymous for privacy…..

Case 1:
AG has the following story:
I really regret my reaction to being rejected..
This girl who was with me for four years, all of a sudden declares that she has no more feelings for me. When I pressed her for a reason, she said that she was seeing another guy. I trusted her more than myself. We had the perfect life ahead of us and she shattered it. I did not react normally. Instead, I tried to hurt her. I ruined her reputation by doing little things, for the simple reason that I couldn't tolerate somebody cheating on me. I had trusted her for so many years and she made me so ashamed and let down.
Today, one year later, it seems that I acted very inappropriately. I should not have hurt her, even if she had crushed me. Deep in my heart, I still love her and want to her to be happy. Still, I fear that I will never love anybody as much as I loved her. I am jaded and jealous. I'm left to think only one thing -- that true love only happens once. I don’t think Love occurs, You can only love yourself!

Case 2:
H (a friend of my elder cousin) has the story:
This one was not told by H himself but by my elder cousin in an attempt to keep me away from the disease of love.
I was in love with this girl for over five years. She proposed to me and made me the focus of her life. After we decided to get married, I was the happiest man in the world. But then, just before our marriage, things started to sour. She started giving me lame excuses and asked to have the wedding date postponed. I offered her every possible material possession and every possible expression of love. I even gave up a dream job in London because she didn't want to leave our hometown.
Still, after all these concessions, she finally broke off the marriage and is now engaged to a mutual friend. Since the day her mother told me, for she didn't have the courage, I have been in pain. I often stare at the ceiling and wonder if my life has any worth. Even if I move on in my career and family life, my love life will never be the same. My heart is forever broken and I will never trust another individual again.

Case 3:
M (one of my dearest friends) is in love with a certain female. They live in different cities and their communication is through various electronic means of modulation and demodulation. Long telephone calls, frequent net access etc, the works in short. It seemed to me that those two must have a great relationship together. So I thought. They have 1 major fight in a fortnight and the minor ones are like happening every other day. I don’t whether they are the undesirable by products of the seemingly fallible system of love. But they should know better than us! The point here is that the feeling after the fight which M gives is like he would prefer to die/kill than live this life. Sometimes he finds refuge in company or sometimes in alcohol (Sometimes both)….
What’s the use of being in love when you sometimes have to regret being in love? What’s the seemingly best feeling in the world do to you that you start feeling miserable about yourself?

Case 4:
I don’t need any more cases. The world is abundant of seemingly endless similar cases.
So do you want to be in love????

But the feeling is amazing..Who can resist it?


SAMEER said...

guys dhruvi has lots of experience when it comes to love. So do follow his tips n suggestions.
rest only dhruvi can say....
good job done...........

swati said...

You should not write about your friend's sorry tales like this. they were hurtt and i sense a tone of sarcasity in ur word. What kind of friend are you?

priya tiwari said...

hmm......u have written all those love & rejection as if u hv gone through all these phases dhruvi. ok just kidding.
ya no one wants to b rejected,coz it's vry hard to loose those fellings once u hv them and it is more painful.

monika said...

hmmmmnnnn....d stories u mentioned were very sad bt stil life is worth livin if u've sum1 2 luv in ur lyf...u must hav had sum xperience of urs as well....dont u???

Anonymous said...

salle !!


Kyo logo ko bewakuf bana ra hai..

Apni (x-stories) tales apne friends ke naam pe shap ra hai..

Anonymous said...

so dhruv one thing i can say about this my view it is only the WORD which is widley used but least dont beleive in love if any of the above cases are related to u...hahhahha

Anonymous said...

U seem to be an observer of human psy-ci(i dont know the spellin) towards other human especially towards opposite sex, i mean so many posts with regard to it... or probably you just want ur blog to be read more...want to reach out to max mum number of people..neways good work keep it goin .
humans are crazy people to understand, am still tryin... 6pop

abbu said...

it great to see these kinds of analysis of dogri and love keep following these .good job done by you

isha said...
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