Sunday, September 23, 2012

Freedom - 1

The call which came to me one fine evening, when I was in one of my customary euphoric sessions,

The caller - ‘Are you free?’ – Is any one free? Anytime? Bulla ki jaana main kaun.’

The euphoria is a lingering feeling though it may be short lived. The external cacophony of sounds seem like a far off sound, the kind of hallucinations which come to the thirst wanderer in a lost desert. The euphoria is a mixed feeling of being in control but also being free. Paradoxically you are forced to still comply with the social norms. This is the very essence of being in euphoria. Self servitude is the highest form of deity.

How to forgo this societal binding? How do we encounter the truth? It’s an acerbic feeling to know, realise and understand the lack of truth in our life. Truth is omnipotent. The truth is evident, but cloaked. Cloaked under multitudes of rituals, false impressions, and a general idea of ‘How to live life’?
To truly discover your potential and raw power, then shed off these masks and disobey the existing norms. Be free from any binds. That is when A man is totally free!

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