Tuesday, February 8, 2011


All the encroachments near Kurla station remind me of parasites feeding on the host. Eventually, at the point of no return the host's body gives up and dies and the parasites die or migrate. The parasites at Kurla station will soon have to suffer the same consequence. With huge traffic jams and brimming crowds, administration has already started to look out for alternatives. The alternatives include the metro link, the santacruz- chembur link road. But when will these proposed alternatives become reality is anybody's guess.

The encroachments also remind me of the paradox – "To save 1000 lives, can you take one?" In this context, can the administration decide to relocate the inhabitants (who will not give up without a fight), to accommodate the comfort of the majority? Or will the administration have enough guts to take on the dissenting majority? Who is right in this?

Ok. The traffic jam in Kurla is almost over. And so is this blog!

Kitna hua, boss??

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